​​​There are more than 325 species of hummingbirds throughout the world.  

The Allen Hummingbird only lives on the west side of the United States, in the states of California and Oregon.    

Hummingbirds weigh only about 3 grams, which is less than a nickel.  

Hummingbirds can hover in mid-air without moving.  They can also fly up, down, and sideways.  They can even fly backwards, which no other bird species can do.   

Their feet are so tiny they cannot walk on the ground.  They can only shuffle along a perch.  

Hummingbirds need to eat constantly, so, they must visit hundreds of flowers daily. They eat mostly nectar from flowers and very small insects they pick off  nearby.  

At hummingbird feeders, they are aggressive and chase away  other birds from the feeder,  even much larger birds.  

As you can see from the pictures to the right,

a male Allen Hummingbird has a beautiful

red throat, which he uses to attract the 

female.  She is much plainer in  appearance

 ​than his is.  


To attract a female, the male Allen Hummingbird

will fly sideways numerous times, then high in the air,

diving straight down, turning up slightly in front of

her in a J-shaped pattern, and singing at the bottom

of the 'J'. Once they mate, he will disappear from her

life.  She alone will lay  the eggs - usually  two white

ones -  sit on them, and feed them by herself after 

they hatch.

Hummingbirds do not suck nectar through their long bills, as if through a straw; they lick it with fringed, forked tongues.  

Hummingbirds have no sense of smell 

but have very keen eyesight and can see

you clearly from far away.  



   Male                               Female

Male is indicated by + sign on top of circle.  Female has + sign on bottom of circle..

Bizzie's Lesson 1

Reading Assignment -

the Study of Allen Hummingbirds

Mating Flight Pattern of Male