Bizzie's Lesson -  Part 2a - Quiz

There may be more than one answer per question.  

1.  Select the two states that Allen Hummingbirds live in.

     a.  California

     b.  Florida

     c.  Nebraska

     d.  Oregon

     e.  Hawaii

2.  Which weighs more,  an Allen Hummingbird or a nickel?

     a.  Allen Hummingbird

      b.  Nickel      

3.  Hummingbirds eat the following items.

     a.  Snails

     b.  Worms

     c.  Small Insects

     d.  Peanut butter

     e.  Nectar

4.  To attract a female, the male Allen Hummingbird will fly high in the sky, then

      dive straight down, forming which letter of the alphabet?

     a.  C

     b.  S

     c.  J

     d.  O

     e.  U

5.  What unique ability does a hummingbird have compared to any other bird species?  

     a.  They can dance on a fence post

     b.  They understand Chinese

     c.  They can hear someone whistle

     d.  They can fly backwards

     e.  They sleep in midair

6.  A female Allen Hummingbird lays what color of  eggs?

     a.  Brown

     b.  Black

     c.  Red

     d.  White

     e.  Yellow

7.  The Male Allen Hummingbird differs in looks from the female Allen Hummingbird by:

     a.  He has a black bill

     b.  He has a white breast

     c.  He has a red throat

     d.  He has a green crown and back

     e.  He has bigger feet

8.  An Allen Hummingbird is afraid of other birds larger than him and will fly away from a feeder            if any other bird is around.  Is this correct?

     a.  Yes

     b.  No

9.  A Hummingbird drinks from a flower by:

     a.  Using its long slender beak to drink like a straw

     b.  They lick with their fringed, forked tongue

     c.  They turn the flowers upside down and pounce on

            the bottom of it to release the juice

10.  Who raises the baby hummingbirds?

     a.  Both the female and male

     b.  Only the female

     c.  Only the male

11.  Hummingbirds have very good (finish the sentence).

     a.  Sense of smell

      b.  Eyesight

12.  How many species of hummingbirds are there in the world.

     a.  80

     b.  150

     c.  225

     d.  325

     e.  595

Congratulations.  You have completed the Quiz on Allen Hummingbirds. ​