Other rooms include a full-size kitchen and office



The Buena Vista Nature Center has been around since 1987 and is about 3,500 square feet.  A second story viewing deck was added in 2014.  This Center sits adjacent to the Buena Vista fresh water lagoon, which has a quarter mile trail encircling it.  The trail itself has wheel-chair accessibility.  The only complaint I heard from the staff is the small parking lot and not enough storage area.  

The interior is spacious and well-lit with large windows.  There are a variety of glass displays loaded with taxidermy specimens of the local birds, reptiles and mammals.  

Education:  The Buena Vista Audubon Center is used for research, conservation projects and educational classes.  It holds classes for the smallest naturalist (regular Preschool Nature Storytime) to the eldest - lots of birding classes offered.  In the summer, they offer a Summer Camp for 18 lucky kids, run by Dovie Christiansen, with the help of several BVAS volunteers, with nature walks and talks, crafts, games, stories and explorations - part educational and part magical.  The kids notonly take walks but collect insects, study caterpillars on cattail leaves, watch and listen to birds, observe fish, tadpoles and aquatic insects, and engage in listening and observing nature.  

​See the list below for more events they offer.

Lagoon Trail

Small retail cove