Feeding hummingbirds is an easy, inexpensive and rewarding pastime.   All you need is a feeder, table sugar, some water and you are all set.  Here are some easy guidelines to get you started.

Hummingbirds will eat from anything with nectar in it, but they must be able to find it.  Most hummingbird feeders have red on them because the birds seem to be more attracted to red than to other colors.  If your feeder does not have red on it, just tie a piece of bright red ribbon or tape on it to attract them.  They will explore around and find the nectar once they discover the feeder.

In nature, hummingbirds eat flower nectar for energy and bugs for protein. Here is the recipe for making hummingbird nectar:

RECIPE: Mix 4  parts water to 1 part table sugar in a pan.  For example, use 1 cup sugar to 4 cups water.  Make sure to use cane sugar only.   If it doesn't say cane on the label it is probably beet sugar - not what you want.   

What about ready-made hummingbird nectar you can buy in the store?

These have unwanted preservatives and/or red dye RD-40, which is harmful to the birds, just as they are bad to us. The red dye is particularly harmful, as it is a carcinogen and can cause the hummingbird to develop tumors.  Avoid these, and just make your own nectar in your kitchen.  It's easy and quick.   

​​CLEANING:  I clean all my hummingbird feeders in their own wash basin in the sink with a mixture of very hot water and a half cup of vinegar.  Scrub all parts well with a brush to remove all traces of dirt and mold.  Dry completely before replenishing with nectar and placing outside.  



​                                                                           Notice brown spots


 Wide Mouth            Built-in perch all around                                     Ant Moat at Top                                                                                                                                                      

Cleanliness:   Sugar water is a very rich growth medium.  The outside hummingbird feeder must be change the nectar frequently to avoid contaminants.    In cooler temperatures we recommend changing it every seven days.  If the temperatures are getting above 60 degrees, follow this chart:   
Daily high temperatures   61-70;  Change nectar after 4-5 days

                                     71-80                                 3 days
                                      81-85                                 2 days
                                       86+                                    daily

Placing the feeder in direct sun will cause the

nectar to go bad quickly.   Keep the feeder in

the shade, either with a baffle shown in the 

picture to the right, and/or under a tree

branch.  Clean it well when you refill, and

do not put more nectar in the feeder than

will be consumed in the recommended time.

​Feeders:   There are hundreds of hummingbird feeders available for you that are quite adequate.  You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and materials, depending on your own aesthetic choice.


1 - Glass feeders over plastic, as they are easier to keep clean.

2 - A wide mouth over a narrow opening for easy cleaning and refill.  

3 - Built-in perch so the hummingbirds can sit and drink.

4 - A flat top to easier refill (see picture on the left above) 

5 - A built-in Ant Moat at the top of the feeder to be filled with water

      to keep ants from invading your feeder (notice ant moat on right picture).  


1 - A screw in the bottom of it that penetrates the nectar reservoir.  Those will eventually leak, losing nectar and attracting bees and ants.  

2 - Can be easily taken apart completely for thorough cleaning.  Some feeders don't allow you to take the bottom nectar reservoir apart, so you can't clean the inside. Test the feeder you are considering by taking it apart BEFORE you purchase it.  If you can't take off the bottom, don't buy it.   

Some feeders we recommend:  

     1.  Best value - Ruby Hummingbird Feeder by 
, sold in Walmart  for $9.86
           Holds 10 oz of nectar; these feeders have the
            deepest ant moats, most effective bee 
           guards and best designed perches 


     2.  Glass Hummingbird
          Feeder by - 30 oz $14.59
          found in Ace Hardware, Walmart, etc.


     3.    3-in-1 Hummingbird feeder - can be hung,

            placed on pole or mounted on a window.  

            This comes with all the equipment for

             adding this to your garden.