Our own feeding station.  From left to right:

Nesting material ball (found online), Squared Suet Feeder, Large reddish feeder with Black-oil Sunflower Seeds, below it a platform feeder with a mixture of 3 types of seeds, Peanut nugget feeder, and Nyjer feeder with multiple feeding stations.

Hummingbird feeder



If you're just getting started feeding birds, start small and slow.  After all, the birds don't even know you're interested, so your feeder most likely will sit for several weeks out in the elements before your flying buddies discover it.  

HUMMINGBIRDS:  If you're feeding hummingbirds, purchase the 10 oz hummingbird feeder called Ruby.  Locally, the only place we found these were at Sun City Hardware at 28250 Bradley Road, Menifee CA 92586 (951-679-3656).  Heat 1 cup of water in the microwave until it is reasonably hot, then dissolve 1/4 cup of pure cane sugar and stir.  Put in refrigerator for a few hours until it is nice and cold, fill up your feeder, maybe using only half of it, and place it outside in a visible but protected location.  

SONGBIRDS:  Start with Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and a simple easy-to-clean feeder.  Add 1 cup of seed only, place outside, and wait for them to discover it.  Seed will go rancid after weeks of exposure, so start with a small quantity.


Once the birds have discovered your feeder, you may want to add more feeders with different types of seed.  We recommend:

1.  Place a platform feeder on the ground and fill it with Finch Blend Seeds, which can be found in any store that carries a wide variety of birdseed.  If your Finch Blend doesn't have Sassflower seeds or Sunflower Chips, I add those for an even more attractive and nourishing mixture for the birds.  Mourning Doves and Tri-Colored Blackbirds will join the festivities.

2.  Nyjer Seed Feeder - you will attract American Goldfinch and Lesser Goldfinch with this type of seed, plus other finches.  

3.  Peanut Suet Nuggets - the house finches are 'nuts' over these nuggets.  Be sure to put them in their own special feeder.  Any peanut or peanut nugget should be offered to bird in these special peanut feeders, and birds can choke on the peanuts themselves.

4.  Suet Cubes - very greasy to handle, and they also need to be put in special wired feeders.  

5.  Add a bird fountain or even a simple dish on the ground with an inch and a half of water water changed every other day, and you're ready to go.