Answers to Bizzie's Quiz

1.  Select the two states that Allen Hummingbirds live in.

      a.  California

       d.  Oregon

2.  Which weighs more, an Allen Hummingbird or a nickel?

     b.  A nickel

3.  Hummingbirds eat the following items.

     c.  Small insects

     e.  Nectar

4.  To attract a female, the male Allen Hummingbird will fly high in the sky,

then dive straight down, forming which letter of the alphabet?

     c.  J

5.  What unique ability does a hummingbird have compared to any other bird species?

     d.  They can fly backwards.  

6.  A female Allen Hummingbird lays what color of eggs?

     d.  White

7.  The male Allen Hummingbird differs in looks from the female Allen Hummingbird by:

c.  He has a red throat

​8.  An Allen Hummingbird is afraid of other birds larger than him and will fly away from a feeder if any other bird is around.      Is this correct?

     b.  No

9.  A Hummingbird drinks from a flower by:

     b.  They lick with their fringed, forked tongue.

10.  Who raises the baby hummingbirds?

     b.  Only the female

11.  Hummingbirds have a very good (finish the sentence):

     b.  Eyesight

12.  How many species of hummingbirds are there in the world?

     d.  325