Parking:  Because this area is adjacent to a large apple grove and apple-oriented shopping center, it has plenty of parking available.  

The Oak Glen Preserve regularly holds classes for kids.  There was one going on while I visited being held underneath a canopy of trees on two park benches and lead by two paid teachers.  When I asked the staff how they came up with their classes, they simply stated that the sat around the tabile and brainstormed.  See a list of activities below at the bottom of this page.  

The lake was built by the Wildlands Conservancy with an expanded deck and added fish.  

Oak Glen Nature Preserve 

Oak Glen Preserve is owned and operated by Wildlands Conservancy, a non-profit agency which does not accept any government support.  In the spring of 2014, the Conservancy (TWC) opened Phase I Botanical Garden which is part of 2,100 acres of the Oak Glen Preserve.  The conservancy is open to the public at no cost, but they request a $5 donation.  The preserve sits at an elevation of 4,900 to 9,300 feet and lies in the San Bernardino Mountains, about an hour from Menifee, CA.  There is no nature center with sophisticated displays and retail products available.  The TWC instead eincourages people of all ages to experience nature outdoors through their many educational classes and outstanding trails.  The do have a kioske at the beginning of the trails to provide literature, accept donations and answer questions.  In the picture below, you can see the kioske in the background.  ‚Äč

Hummingbird Hill is the first natural display you encounter, which is set upon half an acre and has lots of artistic, educational displays, chairs and signs.  The hummingbird-friendly flowers, many of which have name displays, and which cover the hill were donated and planted by a local women's organization.

Education - Below is a list of classes offered to children in the year 2016.  

Oak Glen Preserve has miles of outstanding trails.  Here are more pictures showing the artistic and interesting signage and trails.  They do have a small building with a few displays, but it's not really a nature center caliber.